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Maskulo is a brand of fetish gear for men. The company was founded in 2014. We are an openly gay-owned and gay-operated company from Novosibirsk. Located in the heart of the ‘cold’ Siberia, we are a part of international trade system: we choose the best suppliers of fabrics no matter where they are situated, then we develop our creative designs, manufacture our clothes and ship them worldwide using the fastest means of international express package delivery services.

You could have misspelled our brand name as MasculoMusculoMuskulo , "Maskulo dot com" or Maskulocom — but we are the only Maskulo.com men's fetish wear manufacturer.

Maskulo brand idea is shown in the catch phrase 'Masculinity exposed'. For us it means that our fetish stuff — whether made of shiny neoprene, stretchy lycra, latex or spandex — makes any man feel sexy and attractive. We make a lot of efforts to create clothes that increase sex appeal of the one who wears them. You know that any person is attractive by his manly nature, right? The only thing left to do is to highlight the right spots. That’s why we offer neatly handcrafted leggings, wrestling singlets, shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, jockstraps, boxer briefs and accessories made of the best materials with passion and attention to kinky details.

Our team is courageous and creative. Our clothes designers, tailors, logisticians, sales assistants, photographers, brand designers and the brand manager are working for your pleasure. Remember sport clothes CAN be fun and hot. You just have to choose what looks best on you. And we are going to help you with that. 

Our founders - Artem Smyslov and Bulat Barantaev - are supporters of such organizations as Russian democratic movement ‘Solidarnost’ (Solidarity), Russian democratic party ‘Parnas’, civil movement ‘Za prava cheloveka’ (‘Movement For Human Rights’), ‘GORD - Homosexuals, relatives, and friends’.These democratic movements stand for freedom of media and Internet, honest elections, the openness of the government, democratic values. They attract public attention to fraud elections, an administrative pressure to electors. They reveal the corruption of the federal and local authorities rallying to oppose silly international politics, etc. A part of our profit is donated to democracy organizations in Russia.

GORD (LGBT rights movement) poster, Novosibirsk LGBT column at Monstration march. Siberia, Russia. 2012 

We respect the saying of Martin Luther King: ‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win’ — and we think that this just means that Russia is on the third stage of this saying. And that is why it is very important to support Russian LGBT community.



Since May 2018we donate tothe Hotline for the Russian LGBT community.

The hotline is intended to support the Russian LGBT community, close friends, and friends of LGBT people. It provides psychological, legal and other kinds of support.

2016 In September 2016 one of Maskulo founders Bulat Barantaev also took part in the elections to the Russian parliament as one of the first openly gay candidates in country's history - and publicly opposed to Putin's regime. It has produced the large number of publications in TIME magazine, INDEPENDENT newspaper, and some other magazines as AttitudeTêtu, Advocate, and others.
 Read more in The INDEPENDENT newspaper: Two openly gay men are running for parliament in Russia

In 2011 ‘GORD - Homosexuals, relatives and friends’ movement in Novosibirsk organized a range of rallies and attracted a lot of attention from the press because of the ‘scandalous topic of homosexuality’. Maybe its existence was the reason for the local deputies to promote the law ‘Against homosexual propaganda’.

Read more in the ADVOCATE magazine: Assaulted Russian Activist Identifies Attacker


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