What customers say about Maskulo fetish products, our delivery and service?

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Sebastian, Sweden:

"Today I have received my goods! And it fits and looks amazing! Thank you so much."

Products: Men’s Fetish Body HarnessMen's Fetish Jockstrap with Detachable Codpiece

Christopher, United Kingdom:

"Hello! I really like the products and thank you for the support you provide to LGBT-community in Russia. "

Products: Cotton Men's JockstrapMen's Fetish Briefs with Open RearMen's Fetish Trunks with Open Rear

Michal, Poland:

"I succesfully made an order on your website, thank you very much ;) i am always satisfied with your items, always. I am preparing to buy something also after new year :)"

Products: Asymmetrical Long-Sleeved Crop TopMen's Fetish Briefs with Mesh CodpieceNeon Reversible Mitten

Ron, United States:

"Good afternoon, I just want to say that I love my new shorts! Best fit ever! Keep up the good work!"

Product: Men's Fetish Shorts with Detachable Codpiece

Nicolas, United States:


Product: Men's Fetish wrestling singlet

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 22 days

Pat, United States:

"It took +2 weeks to your quoted shipping time, for customs. Other than that - AWESOMESAUCE❤"

Product: Maskulo Men's Spandex Shorts

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 48 days

Michael, New Zealand:

"Hey guys, thank you for the grand trade! It arrived right Valentines day. And finally marriage proposal accepted!!!"

Product: Men's Fetish wrestling singlet

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 13 days

Jean-Christophe, France:

"Perfect item and very quick shipping to France!"

Product: Maskulo Men's Spandex Codpiece Shorts with Open Ass

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 9 days

Stefano, Italy:

"I have received the singlet this morning, it fits really good! It was worth the wait! I've already bought a similar item from "B*****e B****n" but this one has a much better cut, you made a great job!"

Product: Wrestling singlet with open ass

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 30 days

Oliver, Ireland:

"Thank you do much for the item that I received yesterday, it is without doubt perfect. I look forward to doing more transactions with you in the future, your items are truly spectacular and I eagerly await to see what new designs there will be in the future for me to purchase. I am a very happy and satisfied customer and fan of your work."

Product: Spandex codpiece shorts

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 11 days

Brian, UK:

"Thank you guys! If you ask me, the apparel is absolutely fantastic!"

Product: Spandex codpiece shorts

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 13 days

Tom, UK:

"The wrestling singlet is amazing! I am ready to leave a positive review"

Product: Codpiece wrestling singlet with open ass

Delivery: Expedited shipping (EMS Post), 6 days

Vincent, France:

"Shorts with codpiece - I really loved it! Very nice, my best compliments!"

Product: Spandex fetish shorts for men

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 12 days

James, UK:

"Mate, the shorts are really great, they make me horny!!!!"

Product: Men's spandex fetish shorts, American football style

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 12 days

Fabrice, France:

"I opened the parcel today. Wrestling singlet is absolutely fantastic. I love this item!"

Product: Masculine fetish wrestling singlet with codpiece

Delivery: Expedited shipping (EMS Post), 7 days 


Geoffrey, United States:

"Amazing shorts, brilliant and very serious seller!! My girlfriend loves the fit. Wahoo!!!"

Product: Masculine fetish lycra shorts with codpiece and open ass

Delivery: Expedited shipping (EMS Post), 7 days 

Sean, USA:

"Just opened it - it looks even better than I had imagined it. Super fast shipping! Always a pleasure to do business with you! Thanks!"

Product: Big bulge spandex shorts with thigh pads

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 19 days 

Bubba, United States:

"Hopefully you will branch out to more Canadian and US clothing stores!! I LOVE my Maskulo gear over all companies"

Alexander, USA

"Awesome gear

Fantastic service, order processed on Monday, Delivered in UK this morning .

Could not wait to get home and try on the Fetish Meggings. Codpiece, Zipped rear. White + Black 

Your gear does more than it states on the label."

Product:  Spandex leggings with zippered rear

Delivery: UPS Express Saver, 2 days

Will, USA

"I think any clothing company that markets to the gay community and produces sizes up to 5XL should be applauded not criticized. I may work out but I am still a big ol bear with a 38" waist and well over a 42" big belly and these leggings fit me properly, not like a pair of sausage casings. The padding is very strategically placed to add size to the calf and quads and will improve the shape of any build. Thanks for including us big guys in your size lineup. Bears are sexy too!!!"

Product: Spandex leggings with zippered rear

Chris, Germany

"Your company really did a great job. I'm a big chub and I really was frustrated, that I can't find good looking underware. Unfortunatelly I can't find a German company that produces Lycra fetish gear or something similar for big guys. I want to encourage you to continue to produce for big guys."

Product: Spandex shorts with open rear


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