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Nicolas, United States:


Product: Men's Fetish wrestling singlet

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 22 days

Pat, United States:

"It took +2 weeks to your quoted shipping time, for customs. Other than that - AWESOMESAUCE❤"

Product: Maskulo Men's Spandex Shorts

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 48 days

Michael, New Zealand:

"Hey guys, thank you for the grand trade! It arrived right Valentines day. And finally marriage proposal accepted!!!"

Product: Men's Fetish wrestling singlet

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 13 days

Jean-Christophe, France:

"Perfect item and very quick shipping to France!"

Product: Maskulo Men's Spandex Codpiece Shorts with Open Ass

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 9 days

Stefano, Italy:

"I have received the singlet this morning, it fits really good! It was worth the wait! I've already bought a similar item from "B*****e B****n" but this one has a much better cut, you made a great job!"

Product: Wrestling singlet with open ass

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 30 days

Oliver, Ireland:

"Thank you do much for the item that I received yesterday, it is without doubt perfect. I look forward to doing more transactions with you in the future, your items are truly spectacular and I eagerly await to see what new designs there will be in the future for me to purchase. I am a very happy and satisfied customer and fan of your work."

Product: Spandex codpiece shorts

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 11 days

Brian, UK:

"Thank you guys! If you ask me, the apparel is absolutely fantastic!"

Product: Spandex codpiece shorts

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 13 days

Tom, UK:

"The wrestling singlet is amazing! I am ready to leave a positive review"

Product: Codpiece wrestling singlet with open ass

Delivery: Expedited shipping (EMS Post), 6 days

Vincent, France:

"Shorts with codpiece - I really loved it! Very nice, my best compliments!"

Product: Lycra fetish shorts for men

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 12 days

James, UK:

"Mate, the shorts are really great, they make me horny!!!!"

Product: Men's spandex fetish shorts, American football style

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 12 days

Fabrice, France:

"I opened the parcel today. Wrestling singlet is absolutely fantastic. I love this item!"

Product: Masculine fetish wrestling singlet with codpiece

Delivery: Expedited shipping (EMS Post), 7 days 


Geoffrey, United States:

"Amazing shorts, brilliant and very serious seller!! My girlfriend loves the fit. Wahoo!!!"

Product: Masculine fetish lycra shorts with codpiece and open ass

Delivery: Expedited shipping (EMS Post), 7 days 

Sean, USA:

"Just opened it - it looks even better than I had imagined it. Super fast shipping! Always a pleasure to do business with you! Thanks!"

Product: Big bulge spandex shorts with thigh pads

Delivery: Economy shipping (Russian Post), 19 days 

Bubba, United States:

"Hopefully you will branch out to more Canadian and US clothing stores!! I LOVE my Maskulo gear over all companies"

Alexander, USA

Awesome gear

Fantastic service, order processed on Monday, Delivered in UK this morning .

Could not wait to get home and try on the Fetish Meggings. Codpiece, Zipped rear. White + Black 

Your gear does more than it states on the label.

Product:  Spandex leggings with zippered rear

Delivery: UPS Express Saver, 2 days


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