SALE Armored. Men's Fetish Shorts. Codpiece. Open rear. Thigh pads

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Maskulo Sexy Fetish Spandex Shorts with Codpiece and Open Ass! Sport is sexy - that's why many men try to look more athletic. Wanna wear American Football style outfit?

Wearing Maskulo sports shorts you'll feel how the best parts of your body are sexually highlighted. We use fabrics containing spandex (lycra, elastane) so that our clothes would stretch and be tight to show your muscles. You can combine our lycra fetish shorts with other sports stuff you have to get your great masculinity exposed. 

These shorts have a codpiece to provoke kinky minds. Codpiece is a clothing element with long history dating back to the ancient times. Brave and courageous men wore armour to protect their body but they never forgot to emphasize their manly sexuality - to be more attractive for women or other men. Codpiece grabs special attention to a man's crotch and promises more. Maskulo fetish clothes with codpiece help you to expose what others may seem shy to.

Backless option is surely the thing for the brave guys - be them gay or not. Show your assets to the world! ;-) Fans of men's lycra and spandex meggings will also love our tight shorts with open rear! Perfect for male striptease performers and exotic dancers!


  • American football style;
  • Stretchable tight spandex;
  • Open rear;
  • Fully detachable pouch;
  • Padded shorts (Leather-look thigh pads);
  • Material: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane;
  • Colors: Red + Black; Royal Blue + Black; White + Black; Black.

Want to change the color? Check our Additional codpiece

 ★ We are a Russian human rights supportive company. A part of our profit is donated to democratic and human rights organizations in Russia 
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