Markdown. Men's Fetish Shorts. Codpiece, Open rear, full thigh Pads. No inner thigh stripe.

₽ 5,806.35 ₽ 6,831.00

Let us introduce a variant of our well-known shorts with no black stripe on the inner thigh. That was our attempt to leave more space to the color. But we came to the decision that inner stripe variant gives better look and fit, so that model is now only available here in our discounted category.


  • No fabric or production defects;
  • No inner thigh stripe;
  • Sports style;
  • Open rear;
  • Stretchable tight spandex;
  • Fully detachable codpiece (pouch);
  • 9-millimeter relief leather-look shiny pads;
  • Material: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane;
  • Only limited number of available colors and sizes.

Sizing (click to enlarge):


Please mention, that “Guarantee and Returns” policies are not applicable to the markdown category.

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