Men's Fetish Shorts. Codpiece, Open rear, full thigh Pads. Red + Black


Do you like bodybuilding, weightlifting or are you a fan of crossfit and fitness? We know how to show your awesome results in muscle growth to the public. We created tight Men's Fetish Lycra Shorts with Codpiece and 9 mm relief leather-look pads! Do you want to attract more attention to your hips and rear? Try our fetish shorts with open rear option!

This gear is perfect not only for athletes but also for striptease performers and male exotic dancers - especially those who like to participate in Muscle worship activities! Wearing Maskulo shorts you'll feel how the best parts of your body are sexually highlighted. Shorts with Backless (Open ass) option will present the world what you've got - don't be shy!

We created the 9-millimeter leather-look pads of our apparel to grab the attention to the hip muscles and to show how fit your back is. Maskulo fetish wear with bulge pouch (codpiece) helps you to expose what others may seem shy to.

- Sports style;
- Stretchable tight spandex ((90% Polyester, 10% Elastane);
- Fully removable codpiece;
- Open rear (ass);
- 9-millimeter relief leather-look shiny pads;
- Color: Red + Black;
Waist sizes available, from very small to extra large: 2XS (26-28", 67-71 cm), XS (28-30", 72-76 cm), S (30-32", 77-81 cm), (32-34", 82-86 cm), (34-36", 87-91 cm), XL (36-38", 92-96 cm), 2XL (38-40", 97-101 cm), 3XL (40-42", 102-106 cm), 4XL (42-44", 107-111 cm)5XL (44-46", 112-116 cm).

( ! ) Maskulo codpiece types. Based on the codpiece type, our products can be divided into 3 groups: ( A ) shorts and wrestling singlets, ( B ) jockstraps, and ( C ) leggings. Codpieces are interchangeable JUST within a particular group.

★ We are a Russian human rights supportive company. A part of our profit is donated to democratic and human rights organizations in Russia 

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Product code: SH15-10

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