Maskulo Leather-look Forearm Guard Wallet (1 pc)

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This is not just a men's fetish wristband or forearm sleeve, guard, this is a forearm wallet. Gauntlet style. You can put not only money and tickets inside it but also condoms - and there will be enough space! Use this wrist element as an addition to other Maskulo fetish stuff to create the really manly and tough look.


  • 21-25 cm / 8.25-10" length forearm guard (measurements depend on the size you choose);
  • Convenient inner wallet (at least 8x17 cm, 3.1x6.7") with zipper for money or tickets, enough space for 3 condoms;
  • Black leather-look pads of foam and spandex ;
  • 5 snaps that make the wallet easy to fasten;
  • Lacing to adjust the guard for your arm;
  • Material: 85% Polyester, 10% Elastane, 5% Polyvinyl Chloride;
  • Color: Black (shiny).


Please measure the circumference of your wrist (W) and the widest part of your forearm (F) near the elbow and define the appropriate size. 

  Wrist (W) circumference Forearm (F) circumference
S 14-16 cm, 5.5-6.25" 20-26 cm, 8-10.25"
M 16-18 cm, 6.25-7" 24-30 cm, 9.5-11.75"
L 18-20 cm, 7-8" 27-33 cm, 11-13"
XL 20-23 cm, 8-9" 30-37 cm, 12-14.5"
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Please mind: the price is per 1 piece

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