Armored. Color-Under. Additional Codpiece for Leggings, Trunks, Briefs and Thongs


Spare codpiece can be attached to following Maskulo products: Leggings, Trunks, Briefsand Thongsof the collection Armored (except the items Armored. Next).  The article retains its shape regardless of the filling, always staying soft and comfortable to wear. It provides an opportunity to its owner to create a unique look and to stand out from the crowd. Biflex under 3D mesh makes the private area look bigger and creates an optical illusion of color gradient.


  • Fully detachable;
  • Made of stretchable biflex with 3D mesh and leatherette filled with foam rubber;
  • Attached by snaps;
  • Material: polyester 50%, polyurethane 50%; 
  • Colors: Red.
Sizing: One size
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Product code: CP061

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