Brutaz Party FRIDAY October 13th!

Brutaz Party FRIDAY October 13th!


"Masculinity Exposed" Party | 13th Oct 2023
Brought to you by Brutaz by Maskulo

Unveil the epitome of raw masculinity this autumn in Berlin! Dive deep into a night of unbridled energy, pulsating beats, and a display of body and spirit that defies norms.

Music Lineup:
🎵 Techno Fever
🕚 23:00 - 03:00 - DJ Shinobi Riggs, Berlin Check Him Out
🕒 03:00 - 06:00 - DJ Ru.Bi, Berlin Check Him Out

Berlin Exclusive Experience: Sixodrome™, featuring dark rooms and 5 slings uniquely arranged in a circle formation.

Midnight Showdown: For the Grown-Ups
🔥 Male duo #1 (between 0:00 and 1:00):

🔥 Male duo #2 (between 2:00 and 3:00):

EXCLUSIVES: 🎉 Bodybuilder champion gogo show: Julien Brehaut, Paris
🎉 Twitter & X-Films Star Show: Axel Reed, Paris

Sensational Male Gogo Performers from the UK: ⭐ Daniel Shoneye, London
Raphael Sebastian, London

Dress Theme: Come as you are! All fetishes are welcome from spandex / Lycra, neoprene, pup, rubber, to leather and more!

Embrace the energy, celebrate diversity, and join us for a night you won't forget. 🌈🎉

Note: Before attending, please ensure you're familiar with the event guidelines and respect the ethos of the party. Everyone deserves a safe and enjoyable night out.


📅 When? Friday, October 13, 23:00.

📍 Where? AEVE Club Kreuzberg, Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 3, 10997 Berlin.

  • Dickie James: Meet our muscled, tattooed daddy from Wales, boasting a massive following across social media platforms! 
  • Amir Fuxx: Enticing you with his HUNG HAIRY ALPHA vibes straight outta Barcelona. 
  • Ridick (Kuba, Jakub): Our gym enthusiast, nature lover, and geeky resident from Spain is ready to rock the stage. 
  • Johnathan Miranda: Dive deep into the performance world with this Madrid-based star who's graced over 150 videos. 


 Our DJs



  • Julien Brehaut: Get ready to be mesmerized by our GIGACHAD athlete from France, known for his superheavy lifting. 
  • Axel Reed: Get your wild side with this French adult actor and dancer, who's taken part in hundreds of videos. 
  • Daniel Shoneye: Watch out for our UK star, ready to steal the spotlight with his athletic physique. 
  • Raphael Sebastian: Another UK gem with a beautifully sculpted body ready to enthrall you. 🇬🇧🔥
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