Youngero. Men’s Chest Harness

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Royal Blue
Neon White

It’s too hot to dance wearing a shirt? It’s never too hot with the new Maskulo Bulldog Harness! Bright neon colors attract attention to your gear and to your body, you can’t but stay unheeded! A combination of rings and snaps makes the harness easily adjustable.


  • 5 straps connected by metal rings,
  • Snaps to adjust to your chest and height
  • Neon spandex elements – glow in the UV;
  • Metallic stripe;
  • PVC logo;
  • Material:polyester 50% polyurethane 50%;
  • Colors: Red + Black; Royal Blue + Black; Black + Black; Neon White + Black; Neon Green + Black; Neon Orange + Black; Neon Pink + Black
  • Items in white, orange, pink and green colors glow in the dark.

The number of snaps may vary and be different with the photo.

Photos are provided to show neon and reflective parts in daylight and black UV-light. Please mention that despite all efforts were made to show the product look close to reality, actual appearance and colors may vary.

Caution! The chemical composition of some deodorants may cause the color change. To test please apply your deodorant on a small area at the inner side of the item.

 ★ We are a Russian human rights supportive company. A part of our profit is donated to democratic and human rights organizations in Russia ★

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