Special Maskulo offer for men on stage. August 02 2016

If you are an exotic male dancer, singer, circus artist or any other stage performer we have a special offer for you: 50-90% off any item in stock.

Our criteria:
1. Not less than 10 articles about your work can easily be found in Google,
2. You have at least 50 000 followers sum on your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts,
3. We contact you through any of your social media accounts of our choice for identity proof.

You get 50% off your first order. After you post pictures in Maskulo gear on your social media you get 60-90% off your second order. The discount depends on the amount of your audience and the business background with Maskulo.
Please note postage expenses paid separately and on the regular rate.

Are you interested? Email us: hello@maskulo.com