New Everyday Underwear. Increase your...FEELINGS!

April 22, 2021

Meet the new range of everyday underwear! 

Now you can increase your feelings of masculinity wherever you are – when doing sports, at official meetings, or at a business lunch.

Military Cotton Series

Soft, silky elastic band and pure cotton fabric form a synergy of high-quality materials, keeping your manhood in comfort. The elastic band is never itchy, fits snugly, and won't slip even under jeans.

Navy Cotton Series

The codpiece is styled with two pockets: the outer decorative pocket creates an outstanding shape, while the inner one is soft and breathable, providing a push-up effect and comfort for man's body parts.

Open Thigh Microfiber Series

High-quality microfiber keeps bright colors throughout the wear and defines all the curves of your body.

Military Series with Lifter

Maskulo's exclusive inner lifter technology provides a push-up effect and increases your feelings during use.

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