Meet brand new Maskulo fetish masks!

June 15, 2020

Now you can combine fetish and comfort in one look!

Our new masks  make you attractive and sexy, as well as increase the level of your comfort and sense of security. Attract admiring glances and stand out. Change your style every day. Choose the color of the mask for your image and mood. 

Drive him crazy without a words. Choose red mask if you want to sleep with your teddy bear, green if you are free to make new acquaintances, black when you want to be bossy, orange if you are ready for bright emotions anytime and white if your bottie needs to be spanked.

Combine masks with everyday Life collection wear and be in harmony with yourself. Also use them in the combination with jocksbriefs and harness for fetish parties in clubs.

The mask makes your eyes more expressive and mysterious. It can be easily removed for a hot kiss and more. During high physical activity, the material will allow you to breathe freely and enjoy the emotions.

 Wear a mask and breath freely!

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