Maskulo Invites to Easter Berlin 2019!

April 08, 2019

47 Easter Berlin Fetish Festival will be held on April 17-23, 2019. For many of us, Easter Berlin is an integral part of the year of the fetish. A colorful combination of thousands of fetish guys from all over the world in the rave city of Berlin guarantees you a week of super fun with new and old acquaintances and friends.

This year Maskulo is the Premium Sponsor of this biggest leather & fetish event in Berlin, where you can choose a party in your favorite style or visit them all. Choose your Maskulo gear now!

(?) Are you coming to Berlin and willing to get your order delivered in Berlin to a particular place (hotel) on a particular day? Log in to Maskulo Berlin ( website and choose "Berlin Easter2019" delivery option mentioning the (!) delivery day in the comment.

Any other questions?

May be of your interest!





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