Make a $199 order get a $60 top for free!

May 12, 2020

Spend a lot of time in the gym?You like outdoor activities and parties?
Maskulo has prepared special gift for you .

Make a $199 order get a $60 top for free! Until May, 18

There're some simple steps:

1. Add any items for 199$  to your cart,

2. Choose a 60$ top in a pop-up window and add it to the cart.

3. Press the button " Checkout",

4. Complete the purchase,

5. That's it! Freet op is added to your order!

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    *Cannot be combined with discount codes and other offers and promotions. The quantity of goods is limited.

    *199 USD = 14925RUB

    You did everything right, but the pop-up didn't appear? Click "Update" button in your cart and go to check out again! Still doesn't work? Contact us at!

    Might be of your interest!





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