Armored Collection – Color-Under, Step 2!

April 26, 2018

Maskulo introduces new style of Armored collection – Color-Under! New styles, new materials, brand new products are here for you to underline your masculinity. Don’t miss:

  • Inverted color scheme: black leather-looking spandex and colored pads!
  • The upper layer of 3D-mesh gives extra volume and moiré color effect!
  • Improved waist – seamless high-quality waistband for your comfort with logo on it!
  • Zippered rear on the leggings, shorts and wrestling singlet unites the advantages of two styles: open and regular rear!
  • Stylish and useful garments for clubbers: convenient pockets on bottoms, forearm wallet and harness – now you don’t need to worry where to put the money, tickets or cell phone!
  • To complete your look – various accessories: upgraded mask and forearm wallet, new wristband, two unique styles of harnesses, collar with the ring and fetish balaclava!

The restyling is launching in 3 steps: April, 02, April, 27, May, 14.

Step two: Available now!

Singletswallets, and collars.

More products coming soon!


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