Skulla. Men’s Jockstraps

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To unite sport and party: meet Maskulo Skulla collection! Sporty and stylish look: a new hot provocative underwear item - extraordinary inspiring fetish jockstraps! Jockstraps  have a front zipper for easy access to what’s inside . Codpiece print in the style of Skulla collection turns the spotlight in the front and makes him look bigger. The side mesh inserts accentuate the unusual design of the jockstraps. 

  • Brand new style with unique design;
  • Black stretchable fabric;
  • Side inserts of textile neoprene;
  • Super stretch central part with "arrow" print;
  • Triangle mesh inserts on both sides;
  • Easy access through front zipper;
  • Material: Polyester (90%), Elastan (10%);
  • Colors: Red; White.

  ★ We are a Russian human rights supportive company. A part of our profit is donated to democratic and human rights organizations in Russia  ★

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