Armored Next. Men's Collar

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The heavy brutal collar is a perfect accessory for role plays and an indispensable thing for lovers of new exciting adventures. A ring attached to the item at the front in the middle provides uniqueness to the item owner. The collar surface is divided into three equal parts by two parallel horizontal seams. T he soft leatherette material the collar is made of allows a very comfortable sense when being  worn. 


  • Made of black leatherette covered PU-foam;
  • Metal D-ring at the front;
  • Overlapping hook and loop fastener, size adjustable; 
  • Stitched square PVC-label with the new-style logo;
  • Material: polyester 85% elastane 10% polyvinyl chloride 5%;
  • Color: Black;
  • Size: S/M (15 -16,5" 38-42 cm); L/XL  ( 17 - 18 , 5 43 -47 cm).

 ★ We are a Russian human rights supportive company. A part of our profit is donated to democratic and human rights organizations in Russia  

Product Code: AC1200-90

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