Armored Next. Men's Briefs

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The item is a must-have for all lovers of night clubs, parties, and prides - it combines sports style and brutal masculinity. The zippered model enjoys great popularity because of its universal design. Unusual color contrasts are used in the codpiece and in flex details. T he flexible material the briefs are made of allows a very comfortable sense when being  worn. Seamless elastic waistband causes no discomfort, no skin chafing, no injuries.


  • Made basically of black stretchable leatherette;
  • New aggressive codpiece design with graphical cut lines;
  • Easy access through detachable codpiece in the front and zipper at the back; 
  • New feature: improved dense rubber waistband;
  • New-style logo;
  • Material: polyester 85% polyurethane 10% elastane 5%;
  • Colors: Red; Black.
  • Tight fit  - Our closest-fitting gives you a feeling of compression

Want to change the color? Check our  Additional codpiece

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